Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New Glaze in the works

This is an image of a Florence Wiley plate glazed with Blue Jay, a new RAL studio glaze that is under development. The first batch went very fast and we are now fine tuning the glaze to make it a part of our studio palette. Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Glazing techniques video

Here's a link to an excellent video, "Glazing Techniques with Chic Lotz". 
A great workshop...well worth the time to view it.

Click here and enjoy!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Now for something new and different!

Raku Results
I (Wes) haven't done a raku firing for over 3 years, but am back to it as of yesterday. Here are some of the results. Raku firings are done at relatively low temperatures and are not food safe. However, they can produce some interesting decorative pieces.

Friday, May 31, 2019

New Glaze Combos 5.30.19
Here are some interesting samples from Kate Lear and her students

Experiment 1 -
Gloria's dipped... Shatz Blue and Spearmint dabbed on and waxed with Mobil Cer...Licorice over dipped (Mobil Cer used as the white water based waxes will cause the under glaze to smear).

Experiment 2 - 
Licorice dipped on two edges...Gloria's dipped on one edge and poured in center...Licorice poured in center.
(In Experiments 2 &3 the Gloria's is actually its normal tan, lighting is not conducive to true colors).

Experiment 3 - 
Glorias dipped...Licorice dipped on two corners

Cliff's plate - Jade over Licorice

Nancy's bowl - Licorice dipped...Byrne dipped. A very nice blue grey in the overlap.

Pam's cup - Wax resist designs...Licorice dipped

Monday, May 20, 2019

Recent Results 5.19.19

Two small trays/dishes from Florence with New Blue

The current batch of New Blue is showing up well on pieces in the studio. It is particularly nice on textured pieces as you can see below. Florence said she brushed the glaze on both which accounts for the nicely contrasting blue-green and brown. The New Blue will break brown where thin and blue-green where thicker. Care needs to be taken as New Blue will run when thick.

Another great mask from Lesley - glazes unknown...Lesley check in!

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(wesnerstack@comcast.net). Thanks.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Another interesting combination

Here's another addition to the interesting results from the RAL pottery studio from Lisa K.

Bright Sky Blue over Gloria's
Note the bit of thickening at the bottom- haven't seen this before with Gloria's, but might be advisable to do a quick dip in water up about an inch to avoid running problems.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Results from recent firings 4.27.19

Here are some interesting results from recent firings at the RAL Pottery Studio. See the person indicated for any additional details on how they made the piece and applied the glaze. If you have any pieces that you are happy with the results, please send images to Wes or leave a note in the studio to have him take photos to share with everyone.

Jeanna - the mug was dipped in Nutmeg, then Bright Sky Blue was applied inside and half way down on the outside.

 Lauren - the bowl was dipped in Licorice on one half and Bryne on the other. The light blue color resulted from the overlap.

Lisa's mugs - the one on the left was dipped in Jade,  the one on the right Variegated Slate Blue.  The VSB will be darker and glossier when applied thickly.

Unknown artist - really nice piece! Please let us know your process

Myndi's pitcher - first dipped in Byrne, then over dipped with Black Matte